Can a person that’s never been in a relationship give good love advice?

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Question by sweetstrawberry: Can a person that’s never been in a relationship give good love advice?
What’s your opinion on people who’s never been in a relationship giving love advice, and if the advice was good? Is that possible or do you think that they would need experience? I was just curious :P

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Answer by berk
Love comes from the heart and everyone has a heart. No exp. needed for that.

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  1. --

    Haha I’ve always given great advice apparently and I’ve never been in a serious relationship

    I guess I get my knowledge from romantic movies and seeing my friends go through their relationships.

  2. SneakerFreak

    Well, it’s just advice, and it’s based on what they would do. Yes, a single person who has never been in a relationship CAN give good love advice, no experience needed. A single person could learn from many different ways, like witnessing a relationship. That doesn’t mean they’ve ever been in one though.

  3. vanessa

    no i don’t think you need experience.. well if they are like blank on the whole relationship thing then yeah but i mean they see perspectives from their friends they see both sides of the story and can understand and sometimes better than the actual people in the relationship, because they see whaat is misssing and they take that and reflect in in their own relationship when they get one because they’ve seen though others eyes and know what’s wrong and right.

  4. Reilly

    I think it’s 100% possible. They don’t have to have experienced a real boyfriend-girlfriend relationship to know real love and have knowledge about it. Love can be family and friends too. I honestly think the people who haven’t experienced it are the smarter people to ask about it because others personal experiences may not apply to you and what you’re going through. The ones who are cautious with love and careful are the ones that go far in life.

  5. Shy Guy

    It’s possible, but rare.

    How many college professors teach economics even though they have never owned and managed their own business in the real world?

  6. CristinaSabina

    Personally, I don’t appreciate people giving love advice if they have never been in a relationship with someone out side of friends and family. If one has not been in a relationship, then all one can give advice on is based on what they see or hear. When you see or hear you are not getting the complete picture. However, all relationships are different. When one is in one, they know what it is like to be committed, they know the up’s and downs. They just know. It’s like talking to someone about sex, if you are getting advice from someone who has never experienced it they won’t be able to give you advice, because they have not had sex, the only thing they can do is talk about how they would like to have sex, or how they are waiting to have sex, or what they would like to do during sex….get my drift. People can give advice but when experienced it is more acceptable. When you are hearing and seeing that’s a different story.

    Now, if you are talking about love in general, anyone can talk about love. Whether they believe in it or not anyone can talk about it. But, I imagine you are talking about boyfriend/girlfriend love.

  7. Mike

    Some great answers have been given already. You don’t need the experience as you learn from people around you. But having been through a similar situation helps as well.

  8. Zakonye

    No. It’s like my sister, who has no kids, giving me parenting advice.

    If you haven’t experienced it, you have no idea. Simple as that. Oh, sure, you may have read about it, and you have thoughts about it. But you simply don’t know.

  9. Margaux

    Yes. I have never been in a really serious relationship but have helped my friends out in their love lives. I have been able to set my very good friend up with a guy and they are doing very well together. Don’t be afraid to give love advice even if you have never been in a relationship yourself.

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