Can an interracial relationship between an Indian man and a Mexican-American woman work?

November 20, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by Nita: Can an interracial relationship between an Indian man and a Mexican-American woman work?
My boyfriend is Indian, an international student, and we have been dating for one year. Things are really good between us, but I have noticed that there are significant differences between our cultures that may affect the relationship if we were to marry.

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Answer by Cracker Jack
Anything can work as long as you love each other.

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  1. Carrot Bay

    LOL……let’s be honest here. The way you talk, it’s too obvious that you’re the Indian guy. Anyway, sure. Why won’t it work?

  2. Spindrift

    It depends on which is stronger, your love or your preoccupation with ethnicity.

  3. samurai girl

    You have to have a serious sit down and discuss this NOW before getting any deeper. If you can compromise and work it out, yes your relationship can work and become a beacon of hope to the rest of us.

    Good luck :-)

  4. red207pilot

    No it cannot, the white man will keep you down. Doesn’t matter if it’s your family that gives you grief, or his family, it’s ALWAYS the white man. I saw that on TV so it has to be true

  5. Binst

    As long as you stay open minded and are both willing to work out the differences, yes.

  6. sweetgranny06

    it can work only if you love each other ,communication like talk if any problems be faithful to each other ,no hitting or fighting every one can have slight disagreement’s in a marriage if so it’s better to take a walk till each one cool’s off

  7. sparkwing_dimond

    It can all be worked out as long as both of you are mature about things. Now is a good time to sit down and face the cultural differences head on by asking all those important questions.

  8. Akhi

    You are not racist are you?

    He is not racist is he?

    We assume most of the time that only white people are racist, but I have met enough Mexicans, blacks and people from India to know that is a load of ……

    Interracial relationships are only for mature people who can resolve conflict without attacking each other.

    I am from US of Irish & Swedish descent. My wife is Malay Singaporean. We have and real tough times and she loves me more than any other woman I have ever been with white or not.

    You two would have a more difficult time making this work, but the rewards are great, too.

    Sticking with people of your own kind is easier, but gives much less opportunity to grow and learn

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