How do you view cyber-relationships?

June 10, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by sencitivegirl: How do you view cyber-relationships?
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Answer by BabeHart
Chat buddies…you cannot have a serious romantic relationship with someone you’ve never met. There’s simply too much that cannot be known.

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  1. The Hopless Romantic

    Well they’re not so bad. Always having someone to talk to whether it’s in person or over the computer/cell phone.

    But sometimes they’re the strongest ones you can be in. I’ve been in this one for almost two years, we see each other on special occasions only because of money issue and time. but each time we’re together is like the first time. a spark of pure emotion. :D I love it, and him so very much.

  2. vette4321

    Trust me they suck,

    You dont know what she really loooks like
    And you dont know how stalkerish she is

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