How fast do teenage girls want a relationship to move? Advice from girls AND guys please?

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Question by : How fast do teenage girls want a relationship to move? Advice from girls AND guys please?
Me and my girlfriend are both 14 and this the first real relationship for both of us. Weve been going out for a month and a half. The most weve had is a tight hug. I kinda want to just go in for the kiss and her friends are telling me to but i dont want to weird her out. What should i do? Is there anything i can do to possibly make things move a bit faster?

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Answer by ashleighxaddiction
if youve been dateing for a month then thts plenty of time to kiss her

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  1. Maria

    kiss her, do it. Your 14 not 10. Good luck (;

  2. Don Won

    You should only move as fast as the slowest person is willing to go. Which means, you have to communicate what you want. For example, if you want to kiss her, ask her, “Can I kiss you?” Her reaction will tell you if she really wants to or if she feels pressured to kiss you or not. Keep going this way.

  3. emo scratches

    Most people kiss by now. But it’s okay that you haven’t! Just don’t get hung up on only physical, okay?
    Do this exactly: ask her for a kiss. That way you aren’t asking to have one, but asking her to give you one which leaves your manliness in tact as well as her dignity if she didn’t want to. If she says no the first time, ask again the next day, and if it’s still no, wait a few days and ask again. But by then, she will probably dive in and give it to you when you’re not expecting it. So be on the look-out and ready for it!

  4. Ambo

    Try starting with a kiss on the cheek. If she’s comfortable with that the. Go for a kiss on the lips.

  5. Kayla

    just like put your forehead against hers and see if she pulls away. if shes comfortable with that after a few times kiss her on the cheek. if shes fine with that after a while kiss a little closer and closer to her mouth. if shes fine with THAT after a few times then kiss her, lightly, keep it short but make it sweet. this way if she isnt ready to move that far now she can kinda pull away early and it wont be a problem. just be sensitive to what she wants. its about what makes her comfortable. it would be better to wait and be happy than to push and lose her.

  6. Dsangel300

    Lol. Yeah kiss her.
    Guys need to make the first move, not the girl.
    Once you kiss her, then the relationship will build

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