How is it possible to enjoy and be happy in a relationship knowing most come to an end?

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Question by Rin: How is it possible to enjoy and be happy in a relationship knowing most come to an end?
It’s a fact that most relationships come to an end. It’s really upsetting knowing that the person you love and can’t imagine being without won’t be with you in the future.

I was just wondering, how is it possible to be happy and enjoy a relationship while knowing this? I would really appreciate it if somebody gave me some advice. I just want to be happy in my relationship, but i’m having a very difficult time doing that, knowing that it most likely won’t last forever.

Thanks a lot!

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Answer by Philip Santucci
Well, with your pessimistic attitude, it probably won’t work. You need to be optimistic. Say that it will work, and go on with your life trying to make it work.

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  1. Austin

    Plain and simple faith and hope will guide you though it you just gotta do the rest ;)

  2. Exhibit ~A~

    Best advice = live in this moment. You cannot predict the future or change the past. And, half of being, is believing. If you believe a relationship will fail, one day you will certainly get your wish.

  3. Brittany Williams

    Dude, you are setting up your relationship for failure with that mindset. How dare you put limitations on love by assuming it won’t last forever? I’m sure your significant other would be highly offended if you told them that you believed that they were temporary and “most likely won’t last forever”. Put your BEST into it. Actually, talk to you sig. other about it. You could open up new doors that way. hope that helps.

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