How long can a teenage relationship last?

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Question by J.S: How long can a teenage relationship last?
How long does a average teenage relationship last? Especially If he/she has a first girlfriend/boyfriend, and considering he/she is 15 years old?

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Answer by George
Who says it has to end? Just keep the love goin’ strong!

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  1. David Bowie

    5 mins after doing the do…
    seriously…teens dont get true love
    they get active hormones

  2. Shadow

    It’s not how long it “usually” lasts, it’s however long you want it to last.

    Normally, not very long. But there are couples that I have known been together since high school/middle school that have gotten married.

  3. Jenny town tonight

    I agree with David Bowie

  4. andrew p

    a teenage relationship can only last up to 19 years old. after that you are no longer teenagers

  5. Vanessa

    It depends on how much they love each other and get along
    My boyfriend and I have gone out for almost a year in 2 weeks and we’re each others first boyfriend/girlfriend and we’re 13/14

  6. kaptan

    It depends on partners. It can last forever.

  7. Jessica

    I was 15 when I had my first boyfriend, and it lasted for about 5 months. Then about a year later we dated for another 2 or 3 months before calling it quits. Of course, it can range from a few weeks to years.

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