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  1. curiousity <3

    love/hate relationship. depends who the others are i guess as to how it differs

  2. Ashlee

    I tend to treat others better than i would my own self!

  3. Darth Vader

    It is a struggle between optimism versus cynicism. How can one be positive all the time and not be a cynic sometimes in this world we live in. I take everything with a pinch of salt others say and do, although I hope for the best.

  4. Ayiza

    Hello Zim$
    I trust your weekend was good.

    The relationship with myself is a tough one because I never congratulate myself and when I make a mistake I am hard on myself.

  5. cheri

    I am always true to myself, meaning i don’t want to live with regrets, i will not give or expect something from others that i am no prepared to give or do myself – lol sometimes i totally loose it if people ask for it, but i am usually very fair

  6. Commodore

    At the moment, I do not have a good relationship with myself. I,m battling with my emotions over a decision I have made and know that it was for the best but my heart is telling me otherwise. Believe me when I say: I,m fighting and losing big time!
    As far as other people go I am glad to say that I do manage to maintain good relations with everyone that I come into contact with, always treating them with respect and courtesy.
    However, there is one person right now who has managed to turn my world upside down and inside out! I am shocked that I have actually let this happen but I have, and it’s a bit too late to do anything about it now.

    **ADD** Feeling as low as I do now, Tsepo’s reponse has made me giggle for the first time in ages. I can just imagine him having this very important interview with himself! LOL. Thanks Tsepo!

  7. Tsepo

    I honestly cannot describe my relationship with myself if there’s any. You know, sometimes when i am sober, I lie awake at night, and i ask, ‘what is the relationship between myself and myself?’ Then a voice says to me, ‘Tsepo, this is going to take more than one night my china’

  8. Jade Moon

    I have always tried to be realistic with myself but at times I get annoyed with myself if that’s at all possible.
    With others, I do my best to be natural, understanding and tolerant.

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