I need relationship advice, i love my boyfriend so much im affraid im pushing him away?

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Question by lil storm: I need relationship advice, i love my boyfriend so much im affraid im pushing him away?
I have been in a relationship now and living with my boyfriend for 10 months, at the beginning we got together after i just broke up with my ex, which caused him a lot of heart ache, i knew it was hard for him, because i was still getting over the hurt from the past relationship. I was always open and honest with him about everything, I also understood that it was extremely difficult for him, and knew that it was not a good time for me to be in a relationship and it was unfair for us to be together but we loved each other and stuck at it. He stood by me and supported me in every way that he could and im so glad that he did because i really do love him. He made me feel so appreciated and loved,

We have had a lot of silly arguments over insecurities in the relationship that this has caused, we both have done things wrong in the relationship (Never cheated) to cause the silly disagreements. He used to be quite clingy and possessive, would always question who i was talking too, texting, even asked why i smiled at people.

We still remained strong and had a good sexual relationship (almost every day), but about 5 months into the relationship, the frequency decreased. He told be that he would sometimes take Viagra, as he was feeling that he sometimes needed to, after talking this through we were able to work through this and he no longer needed them, however we have become less and less intimate (about a month ago was the last)

I am very much in love with him and attracted to him in every way, I have an extremely high sex drive and he is quite the opposite, so much so that he is just not interested at all….

I have spoken to him about this and how it makes me feel pushed away and not wanted by him anymore, but he says that he loves me and still wants to be with me, but says that sex is just not an issue to him. all of this has resulted in us both being stressed, I want more intimacy and he doesn’t, he is constantly saying how he was happy when he was single and that he should be alone as he keeps hurting people, he was in two minds whether we should be in the relationship or not. I have told him that i love him so much and im willing to work at the relationship, i want to make him happy, and i want to be with him and he says he loves me and wants to be with me

The fighting has become so much he has now taken a step back and barely calls or texts, is not as loving and supportive as what he used to be. Im so frightened to lose him, all this has now made me insecure, i cant imagine my live without him. I now have found myself becoming clingy and needy, but im just need reassurance that we can get through this together and be happy together again. I know my being like this will just push him away even further and upset him when im constantly trying to fight for the relationship but i have explained i cant do it by myself and if he doesn’t want to be with me he should just tell me.

I really love him and want to be with him, can anybody give me advice as to what i should do to work this out

Thank you in advance

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Answer by LorRayne
AskRayne says…
Tell him that when you where going through tough times that he didn’t desert you so u will not desert him. Tell him the way you feel…Tell him that it is hard for you to be in a relationship craving intimacy but is not getting it but that for him you will wait {and you wait} and that you should talk out your problems
hope that helps

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  1. Globe_Trotter

    I feel that instead off keep on telling him how much you love him etc and taking about the relationship, you could work on preventing ur arguements from developing. I can see if he wants some space and u two keep on arguing, the least he wants if then for you to come on to him strong and tell him how much u love him. its too intense dont u think?

    maybe u need to talk to him about what is it that u are arguing about. be more accommodating, maybe u two arent communicating enougha nd rsentments builds up and ends up in an arguement.

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