Is it weird for girls to make the first move?

February 23, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by ✿: Is it weird for girls to make the first move?
I started texting the guy I like today. Would it be weird, or like emasculating I guess if I was like we should hang out sometime! ;)

Haha, as you can tell I am not very experienced with relationships, so ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by Lisa L
not really

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  1. Bob

    Noope. My girlfriend asked me out ^.^ (I’m very shy heh)

  2. smileforthecamera

    no it actually like makes the guy less stressed, hahaha

  3. strangevice

    no way. i think it’s awesome. more power to you. i mean, these days girls are doing a lot of things that guys would normally do

  4. Daniel

    no infact there have been plenty that have came up and asked me out on the spot although it didnt used to be that way its became more and more commen since ive been alive “isnt long thow”.

  5. Gingimaru

    from my point of view i wouldnt mind at all. i can imagine some guys would but each to his own

  6. caz

    no why would it be? It probably makes the guy less stressed and takes some pressure off him.

  7. Ceara S

    guys love it when girls make the first move :) especially if they are too scared to make it themselves!

  8. Murdok

    Sometimes it’s nice for the woman to take charge and initiate a relationship and the guy knows you are interested, we don’t read “signs” from women to well. If the guy likes you and too chicken to ask you because he is uncertain you like him, and you wait for him to ask you, then nothing is accomplished.

  9. sapphira72

    From my own experience guys are extremely flattered to be asked out.
    It also takes a lot of the pressure off.
    Dooo it. :) Good luck.

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