Q&A: Do you find it sad that I can give relationship advice but I can’t get into one?

June 11, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by KcBarker: Do you find it sad that I can give relationship advice but I can’t get into one?
I don’t know I’m the person that knows quite a lot about relationships on giving advice, and sexual advice (I want to be somewhere in the medical field, so that is why I know quite a lot about sexual info/stuff); and yet I can’t get into a relationship. I’m currently 16, and I still can’t get a girlfriend but I give so much info that helps others but not myself. I mean do you find it weird that someone (as in myself) that knows lots about relationships or sexual advice and yet I can’t get a girlfriend? People say I’m like Hitch but I can’t get a girlfriend.

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Answer by roxyyfoxyy10
same here yo! i feel your pain lmao well actually no im just a bitch so thats why but other than that i can have whoever i want. im sorry lmao its kinda late and im hyper and this is entertaining.

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  1. Sprial_Staircase

    Everyone has their talents so maybe you could help me?? please if you are like Hitch i need your advise. No it’s not sad it’s just unfortunate try harder find someone you like pretend you’re one of the people you’re always helping

  2. Fashionista82

    Yes, if you really were that good you’d be able to get a girl yourself. Like my husband for example. He gives all of his friends excellent relationship advice and obviously can get a girl since we’re married… You’re 16, you don’t know everything there is to know, trust me.

  3. Noomder

    I also know of things in the medical field, but that does not have to do with emotions and feelings which may be involved in relationships. sorry’ but at the age of 16 I cannot see how a person at that age could have experienced all there is involved with the opposite sex to have learned all there is which could have been in concern with relationships. believe me when I tell you, everything cannot be learned from books alone. for books cannot show or explain how to have emotions, such as to care, love and feeling toward another person. you will have to learn these for yourself, I can tell you how to get started. but then as how things turn out will be up to you and the one you are with. as to start, become to be friends with the one you would like to be with. as then after you become to know the person very well for a long time, feelings for each other will become to be stronger over time. as then you can try asking them if they would like to get something to eat. as then take them to a nice place. as from this point you are on your own, for things should work out if you treat them right. but one main thing, never rush things in a relationship.

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