Q&A: How do you know if your in a healthy relationship? What does a healthy relationship consist of?

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Question by hopeful: How do you know if your in a healthy relationship? What does a healthy relationship consist of?
How do know if your in a unhealthy relationship? What does a unhealty relationship consist of?

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Answer by Another Creation Enduring
I have a contact, that I trust quite a bit with her opinion. She assures me I’m an idiot for remaining married.

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  1. Al Rozz

    An unhealthy relationship can give you migraines and uneasy feelings when you wake up. Your stressed out and worry all the time about something you can not control except to get away from it and feel better and that is when love affairs begin.

    A healthy relationship is where two people share everything together and do everything together with love and happiness for most of it all the time and never a dull moment. Even when she or he is not feeling well, the other comforts with love that makes you proud to be in love and have someone love you as God had intended when you get married.

  2. Shar B

    Simply go online and google “Signs of a Healthy Relationship”. That should do it.

  3. kle

    The main thing is RESPECT for each other.
    When you respect you don’t hit, belittle, hurt each other on purpose.

  4. Starsfan14

    I am not sure about the healthy relationship. As many people that claim to have them I question their honesty (though I could be very wrong about that)

    As far as unhealthy relationships- If you are not sure then just look around this section long enough. You will get a very vivid idea what of a wide range of unhealthy relationships look like

  5. cvsspirit94

    An unhealthy relationship is one without love, trust or respect. People say they have these things for each other but throught their actions the truth always shows. If you feel insecure or mistreated in any way in a relationship…it isn’t healthy.

    A healthy relationship is one with love, trust, respect and honesty!! If someone is keeping a secret from the other (such as cheating) they are not maintaining a healthy relationship. Taking the other person’s feeling into consideration.

  6. Leo Woman

    I can finally say that I’m in a healthy relationship:
    he cares about my well being and I care about his.
    my worries are his worries and vice versa.

  7. Rock, Paper, Scissors

    It’s easier to spot unhealthy versus healthy, mainly because the signs are obvious:

    No trust
    Explosive Arguments
    Hitting, Shoving
    Putting Down
    Verbal Abuse
    No Respect

    One or all of these are a sign of an unhealthy relationship

  8. cocoa

    You can feel nothing but great feelings about each other being in a healthy relationship. You are so content with life, not a worry of any kind is in the makes. You have full trust with the person your with and you both care about each others feelings. All needs are met when needed to be and life is a bowel of cherries. There is always discussion periods but there worked out with both adults to come to some kind of conclusion in the end. You will feel true compassion when your with this person and enjoy all moments possible. What I like is your content nine times out of ten and always feel to give to your spouse to make them happy and feel cared for. Cocoa

  9. SinisterGrin

    A healthy relationship consists of two people that treat one another as equals, value one another, communicate openly and honestly, support each other, and love each other with all that they are. Mutual respect is also important. It helps to have some similar interests.Your views and convictions do not have to mesh perfectly but there has to be some common ground.

    An unhealthy relationship is one where one partner has more control or power over the other. One partner attempts to change the other or belittle them. They do not appreciate their partner and they put their needs consistently ahead of their partner’s needs. They are unwilling to see their partner’s point of view or dismiss their opinions or stances.

    An unhealthy relationship is one where communication is limited or nonexistent. Where too many conversations divulge into an argument. An unhealthy relationship consists of emotional or physical abuse.

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