Q&A: Is it weird to be 18 and have not had your first kiss?

February 25, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by Jake: Is it weird to be 18 and have not had your first kiss?
I am 18 and I used to be really fat, it got to the point where I was unhappy with who I was and junior-senior year I became healthy and skinny. Now I am going off to college and I have no relationship experience. Any advice for me?

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Answer by Katherine
Well, then you and I are both weird because I haven’t either. :)

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  1. Missy Rose

    yes thats weird.
    act like you have all the experience in the world
    that is the only way you will get a kiss or any further than that.

  2. Chuck Norris

    I’m 17 and never kissed any girls yet (apart from primary school once but that’s a different story). I don’t think it’s that weird…

  3. GL

    Don’t worry about it! No use just getting a kiss for the sake of it – you want it to be special, something that is with someone you care about.

  4. rocket


  5. Siona

    I don’t think it is weird. You’re new at dating, I’m sure most are waiting for a special person to have their first kiss :)

  6. Taysha

    Yes! Right thing to say is No though, but I had my first kiss in 3rd grade!

  7. LaaRose

    No it’s not I didn’t get mine till a few months ago which was just a few months before I was 18. Just wait for the right person =)

  8. Jane Chinoski


  9. Barbie

    Im Skinny and short and people think im cute i dont think so though
    im curently 16 im going to be junior this year i have somewhat of low self esteem and i still havent even had a boyfriend nor my first kiss yet
    so techneckly were pretty much in the same spot.
    lucky for you, you are going to college :D their you will find a nice mature young man that will respect you :) soo you should be somewhat excited? :)
    good luck :)

  10. Robert

    things will develope on their own time

  11. prostituée vierge

    Not really.. Don’t tell anyone that you have no experience. Just jump into it like a pro, and no one will know.

  12. D L

    Don’t sweat that. There are people I know who are in their 40′s and have less than what you think you have.

  13. Missy

    im 15 (i know its 3 years) but i havet had my first kiss yet

  14. Jessica Jonalagada

    it really isn’t, there are a lot of ppl who haven’t and you shouldn’t feel like a outsider because of it. You’ll find someone you like in college an they’ll be guys you will ask u out and if u feel that they are good for u the get to know them better and it will happen and usually kisses where u have to wait for them feel the best (:

  15. Fernando Wilkins

    That not weird my sister did not have her first kiss until the age of 19. First of all not try to be so wraped up in finding a girl that school is put on the back burner. All you have to do is find a girl that you like and everything will fall into place. She will understand.

  16. i <3 Michael

    lol no it’s not weird. like the other person said…just jump in like you’re a pro =D

  17. Kate Sand

    No! not at all! there is many people who are 18-19 and have not experienced there first kiss! or even a relationship. It doesn’t mean anything, it DOESN’T mean that you are ugly or unattractive, it just might mean you are shy or Nervous because you think everyone has experienced it! but the truth is, not many people have.. and you will find someone! There is someone waiting for you, just for you! and when you are ready, they will be too :)

    Maybe try and go out to clubs more? If you really want to get your first kiss… :)

    I hope i helped :)

  18. Amy Anderson

    Try watching a bunch of dramas lol or read the books or just simply ask your friends You’re hot now so you’ll g et a ot of guys ahaha

  19. Top Source

    Now you’r inshape and feel good abt yourself, so you’l get the experience.

    Roll the dice a lil, yeah, you’ lose some, that’s impt experience, too.

  20. Suezanne Norton

    I dont think its weird

  21. Miss Jay

    Absolutely not weird at all. I say just be confident in who you are but dont let anyone know you havent had any relationship experience until you are comfortable with that person. The first kiss with someone is always one of the best kisses so dont force it and dont kiss too soon because it might be awkward. My first love had never had any type of dating experience and we were together 3 years. Hope this helps.

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