Q&A: Relationship “experts”?

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Question by Jake D: Relationship “experts”?
How many people are really good at relationship advice? How many people have an OPINION on how you should build a relationship? Everybody does. So you have to go to people who at least call themselves experts. There’s a lot of money in the relationship advice market. So when people need to spend money they want something that works, so we go with whoever is the best at what they do, right? And we measure that by how well their business does. So I read this article about a couple… John Grey, and Barbara DeAngelus. They are a husband and wife team, who offer services on relationship advice. Their business is the biggest out there. They’re on top of the industry, and they’re making the most money. But here’s the thing… they’ve been married and divorced 47 times…to each other! How can you trust them to know a damn thing? This tells me, that they don’t… but how do they do so well? I think they know Business well. So once again… who has all the answers….
It may look like corey feldman, but I dont, so dont mistake me for him… although I wouldnt mind if my bank mistook my account for his…at least back in ’86

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Answer by Marie V
they must be left wing dems in Cal.

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  1. angela A

    I know this might seem inappropriate but all I really wanted was to say that your avatar looks amazingly like corey feldman lol.

  2. Anna Banana

    Yeah I remember Barbara DeAngelus from way back in the day. She’s been selling her advice forever. It’s definitely just a business for her as far as I’m concerned. And hey I guess Dr. Phil is headed to divorce court too (so I hear) but you have to understand that a lot of people are in this business because they see a need to be filled & they also see dollars.

    On the flip side of that I do think we learn from our mistakes & we can give much better advice once we’ve experienced life. I’ve had several failed relationships & would not have been qualified to give advice to anyone before. But now I’ve been around the block, I know the warning signs to look for, I know how to treat people & how I need to be treated, I know what I will & won’t sacrifice in my life and I never would’ve known this without those failures.

  3. Sandyi

    You know we each have to make our own mistakes and learn from them. The advice I give is, treat your husband / wife as you want to be treated. If you lie to them expect to be lied to if you cheat expect the same. When you love someone, I mean really love them it should be unconditional. Life is too short as it is and it is nice to have that special someone to share it with you.

  4. stinksyourass

    Well I’m glad that at least there is one person in here that has eyes that can see the real truth

  5. Big D

    A lot of people can successfully ‘teach’ others how to do something.
    That does not mean they are an expert at doing it themselves.

  6. Jess

    I agree!! I actually have a book by her called “How to tell if he’s right for me” or something like that. As I was reading it I saw that she’s been divorced. I thought, “Who are you to be giving relationship advice?” Then there’s that matchmaker in New York, Samantha Daniels who has this huge matchmaking service. I read her book and she complains the whole way through how she can’t find a man. It’s like Dr. Phil and his weight loss books, yet he’s got a big gut on him.

    P.S. I just read Angela A’s response…it’s does look like Corey Feldman!! Too funny :)

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