Q&A: What is the relationship between stress and personality?

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Question by Jasper M: What is the relationship between stress and personality?
What is the relationship between stress and personality? What aspects of personality might tend to increase stress? Decrease it?

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Answer by Paul Ding
You’re asking a question that’s the equivalent of a BS in psychology – or perhaps even a doctorate.

Search on “Personality Disorder” and you’ll find a lot of what you want to know, assuming you have enough of a background to fully appreciate what’s being said.

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  1. Sandy

    Some personalities are more resistant to stress than others. Certain people have personality traits that cause them to over-respond to stressful events.

    What characterizes stress-resistant people?
    1. A clear sense of one’s values, goals, and capabilities, and a belief in their importance.
    2. Active involvement rather than passive acquiescence. Hardy persons actively restructure and initiate desired changes in their personal worlds.
    3. The ability to find personal meaning in stressful life events and to fit these events into one’s overall plans and priorities.
    4. An internal locus of control. This is the feeling of being in control of stressful life events rather than viewing them as a function of fate, luck, or the actions of powerful others.
    5. A good social support system, including close ties to friends and family.
    6. High sensation seeking. This characteristic may have a sizeable genetic component and may be difficult to change.
    7. A stable, even disposition.
    8. A “Type B” personality: easygoing manner, low hostility, low competitiveness, and little feeling of time pressure.

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