Q&A: Which of these two probably give better advice in relationship?

June 21, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by Espiønage: Which of these two probably give better advice in relationship?
1. One that failed many times and “gained lot of experiences”.
2. One that have only one “successful relationship”.

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Answer by Dawn M

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Comments (7)

  1. fetish8

    the first one . certainly a successful relationship was one of his/her experiences

  2. Nix

    its better to listen to both..
    from the first one..we can find out the negative points
    and from the second one..all positive points..

  3. Mrs H

    I’m going with 2. The one that failed many times may have gained experiences but obviously hasn’t learned from them

  4. Audi

    first 1 – more experience

  5. Mel

    I say listen to them both, they will both have insightful information that the other won’t. The first one has more experience and will have hopefully learned from them and have information you can “learn from” as well. The second will give you more insight on making a relationship work through the normal ups and downs. Either way, make sure you take the advice as advice and make the best decisions based on yourself not someone else’s opinions.

  6. JC

    Success is to be emulated.
    Failure is to be studied.

  7. S.K

    Other than the Personality of the person himself

    I would go with one, WHY?
    The second might have a successful one but that doesn’t really mean that the person has a grasp of the real essence & meaning of Love it just means that the person needs company & doesn’t want to be alone

    As for number one you said he or she has the experience but beside that, just because he or she failed many times doesn’t mean that he or she is careless, on the contrary it shows how much that person chases the perfection of his soul in another & is willing to go through a life time of dissapointment to find his or her starcrossed lover…

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