Q&A: Why would anyone take relationship advice from a single woman under the age of 30?

November 24, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by Capone: Why would anyone take relationship advice from a single woman under the age of 30?
Obviously she lacks successful experience. Isn’t this just the foolish leading the blind.
@Lilleus, and Ferrari,
And yet you answered my question. “It is foolish to deal with a fool”
You’ve stated your position well.

Best answer:

Answer by Lilleus, and Ferrari
Yet you show up here every day… dispensing “knowledge” ha ha.

What does her being a woman have to do with this question? This question should read “Why would anyone take relationship advice from a single person, or a person to young to have had much experience?” This question belongs in the “relationship” section, not GWS.

Take your sexist attitude back to your therapist. Troll.

- Ferrari

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  1. Juditha

    My rule of thumb is to take the advice of people ten years out from where I am. A 30 year old could give reasonable advice on high school and college dating because they’ve been through it and can look back on it with some degree of detachment and perspective. But someone would have to strike as terribly insightful generally if I were to take their advice seriously when they’re about the same age as myself.

    One caveat though: people go through things at different ages. I know a couple who married at age 19 and look back on that decision as foolish but they did manage to make it work for 13 years now and have muddled through all sorts of difficulties. I would be very much inclined to at least consider anything they might now have to say about making a marriage or serious relationship work because they learned a lot of difficult lessons the hard way.

  2. The Above Normal is level 5

    Hahahaha, I have to agree with you! You have a very strong point. I don’t understand why some people do that.

    I’m not 30, but I’m single, and, I often wonder why people ask advice from me about their relationship like I’m some sort of a love guru. Everything is theoretical when you’re not in the situation, so the only thing I could give them is based only on my theory.

  3. reinformer

    You said it and got it right.

  4. In a silent way

    I do not take dating advice from women period. What women will give you honest advice on how to get into a womans pants?

  5. Casinova

    because of feminism

  6. Bea

    Why pick out women? I guess you are a sexist?

  7. Asquared

    Why don’t you include “single MAN under the age of the 30″ as well?

    You can hardly tell me that young men are experts at relationships. Unless you are one, and are foolish enough to believe it.

  8. O.H.

    cause relationship status is the deciding factor of a woman’s competence.


    You’re why feminism exists, buddy. ;)

  9. Yuuta


    Why would anyone take relationship advice froma single woman over the age of 30?

    Most people wouldn’t take relationship of some other person very serious, regardless of gender.

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