Q&A: Wives…Do you get offended when your non-married friends give advice?

June 1, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by True: Wives…Do you get offended when your non-married friends give advice?
So for example, if you have a girlfriend with a boyfriend or a live-in partner, do you feel that it isn’t their place to give relationship advice?
I’m not married btw. i’m just curious how its taken by married women

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Answer by ~~NiKkI~~
anyone can give advice, it is up to you to listen….

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Comments (29)

  1. Optimist

    You really shouldn’t be offended. They are your friends.

  2. mezwood

    I welcome their advice…my best friend has been with her boyfriend for 12 years, never married…she knows just as well as I do the trivials of married life even though they don’t have that sheet of paper…I trust her advice more then anyone else’s.

  3. neednomore00

    Not some much with non married people. But I hate it when people without kids try and give advise on children…have a few then come talk to me.

  4. Brutally Honest

    Why not at least LISTEN to what they’re offering? A relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be married. A person — even an unmarried and unattached one — can have vital insight into a situation, because they are NOT involved, and therefore can offer an unbiased and objective viewpoint.

  5. bachlorette

    a little

  6. moonspot318

    I don’t get offended at anything.

    If she wants to give advice, that’s fine with me.

    I can think about something else, or maybe just listen and take it for what it’s worth.

  7. Monterey

    No, they are single for a reason. Might be a good idea to listen. You don’t have to follow through with their advice, but it never hurts to listen.

  8. jaowli

    Even though this is directed towards women, I would like to throw in a comment as well. I wouldn’t get offended if another person gave me relationship advice even though it is not their place. Sometimes giving advice is easier then taking it. I would just listen to what the person has to say and if it has relevance, I would take that into consideration. Either way, I would appreciate the statements and change the subject if the person isn’t making a lot of sense.

  9. Rina

    Don’t listen thats probly why they ain’t married

  10. Severus Snape...I miss you!!!!

    No because i just disregard what they say. They do not know so what relevance does it have? Most don’t know sh*it from apple butter anyway!

  11. jenn

    not at all. that’s what friends are for besides you don’t have to take the advice they give you. They just want to help.

  12. Katie G

    No. I get offended when I say something positive about my marriage and my friend (who has been married for 11 years and is in the process of divorce) laughs and tells me to “Just wait until you’ve been married for 11 years. You won’t feel the same way.” Just because she has a crappy marriage, doesn’t mean I will.

  13. Zhara

    i used to listen to single people, but they really do not know what is like to be married until they get married. I would listen to a married person first. They know a whole lot better and can relate to your problems. To some of my single friends, there is a reason why they are single.

  14. moma J

    No not offended if it is good advice I’ll take it if not I ignore it but in the end the choice is mine..

  15. redpeach_mi

    if they live together, then they pretty much have the same things going for them as a married couple. however, i hate it when people who have never even been close to my situation try to give me advice.

  16. Missy Me

    Not at all…. what non-married friends?

  17. belle

    Nah. Just think of all the silly advice childless people give parents. You just smile and say, “You think so?”

  18. Just Some Girl

    I don’t get offended, but I do feel like they just don’t understand. It seems so much easier for single people to tell me to “Just leave him!” when he doesn’t take out the trash. I try to understand that they have the very best of intentions, but I don’t listen to it.

    Married people understand where I’m coming from–I’ve never heard from a married person that I should leave my marriage…because I think that other married folks understand that it takes a lot of hard work to make a relationship work at all.

  19. ~Nay~

    I usually just laugh it off with the thought of “you have no idea what the heck you’re talking about” ……
    It’s ok when they make observations, or if I have ASKED for their opinion on something, because sometimes a person not involved directly can see things that you may not, but unsolicited advice from an “unqualified” person is usually unwanted and unneeded ….

  20. Jess A

    All my married friends ask ME for advice. If it were up to me I would not care to ask how anyone is doing. Now, are probably going to say that we are still single for a reason blah blah blah. but if being married was such glorious honor in a woman’s life then those hoochies wouldnt be comming to anyone for any advice especially me. I still have a great single life with my partner (s)

  21. Kitten

    If I asked for the advise, then I wouldn’t be ofended. One doesn’t have to know what marriage is like to be wise. Some people just are. But if all I want to do is went and bitch, please be my friend and listen. No advise pelase.

  22. Jess

    Dont get mad, it’s a pointless reaction. I understand that its frustrating….but they might just be desirable to be married and might actually know what theyre talking about due to observiving their parents or friends.

  23. SK

    They can say whatever they want doesn’t mean I have to listen and follow their advice.
    It just shows that they are concern and wants to help that’s all.

  24. Jackie

    I am a never-married woman but live with my boyfriend and have lived with another man previously for 3 years and if someone asks for my advice-I will give it to them, but if they are just coming and tellling me what’s going on-I only offer support.

    To be honest-even when asked for advice, I will do my best to try to analyze the situation with the details provided, but if I have never had personal experience with a similar situation, i always preface the advice with, “Well, I have never experienced that myself, but from what it sounds like…blah blah blah”. I make sure that the person getting the advice knows that i am not really knowledgeable on the situation and probably not the best person to ask for advice…..

  25. Kitten Toes

    Anyone can give advice, even relationship advice. When you’re not in the situation yourself, you can see things more easily than the person in the situation might be able to. Not being married doesn’t mean you don’t have something worthwhile to offer by way of advice.

    Constant, unsolicited advice from someone who has no relationship experience would bug me though.

  26. mel_31

    i am married and even if they were single i still would not be offended by their advice because sometimes its nice to hear from someone with a whole different perspective

  27. someone

    it depend on if they’ve been with they’re partner longer than i’ve been with mine, if they have a similar outlook on relationships, and if they have higher or lower expectations than me and my partner.

  28. porcelina_68

    People give advice because they care about you, and want to try to help you. Hell no, I wouldn’t be offended. I’d be flattered that someone gave a damn about me.

    Whether the advice is good or not is up to you.

  29. kylesprincess92206

    It really depends on who it is. Most of the time I don’t think it matters because if there really is a problem in your relationship sometimes, being in the situation, it is hard to see or find a way to fix. Sometimes just someone being outside the situation and seeing it is helpful. This can be good and bad. If a person is in the same situation or has been it can cause them to give you their experience which may not be the best thing for you. And yes marriage is different in the way that you signed a paper. You can love someone and be just as attached to a bg/gf or a fiance or a live in partner. Just b/c they aren’t married does not mean they don’t know what they are talking about

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