Relationship problems! Please help!?

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Question by Ian: Relationship problems! Please help!?
Okay, so lately I’ve been having some serious problems with my friends all liking each other.

Ok so I have three friends, named X, Y and Z. (please bear with me)

X is a straight guy
Y is a bisexual girl
Z is a lesbian girl

Okay, so I was out with these guys, and before, X has confessed to me that he has major feelings (I’m his best friend) for Y and that he wants to get with her, but Y has had a bad relationship prior, so when she was asked, Y turned X down saying that she wasn’t ready for a relationship. I’ve been giving advice to X about how he should approach the situation, because I’ve been told I’m great when it comes to relationship advice. Anyways, that’s were things stand with X and Y.

Now onto Y and Z. See, Z is another good friend of mine (as is Y) but Z confessed to me that she also has MAJOR, MAJOR feelings for Y, and that she doesn’t know what she’d do without her. Thing is, she has no idea if Y returns these feelings or is anyway interested. She really wants to get with her, but she’s really worried about the reaction, and she’s been asking me for advice. Z feels like she’s never going to get with Y, so she’s getting really depressed, and no matter what she won’t come out of it. She’s told me about how, before she met Y, Z was in a really bad place and that she was seriously considering suicide, and she feels that if Z loses Y, she’s go back to place ten times worse.

I’d normally be able to give great advice, but when it comes to Z and Y I’m being drawn to a blank. I want to help her, but helping Z means disappointing X, and vice versa, and then the fact that X has an inking that Z likes Y really depressed him, and I’ve been hiding it from him as best I can that she doesn’t.

Please people, give me some help in this situation, I really wanna help Z because she’s becoming depressed and want to give her good advice, but on the other hand it means breaking X’s heart if things happen between Z and Y! :O
I know this is really confusing, but I really need help about this! I’m really worried about X and Z, especially Z!
Z is the one who WAS contemplating suicide, and none of us know if Y likes ANYONE!

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Answer by Holly St. clair
ahhhhhhhh to confusing….

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  1. Alyssa Michia

    Okay you have a major dilemma. Tell X to suck it up was he the one considering suicide? No he was not, he’s straight and there’s plenty of other fish in the sea. Y and Z like each other but the other doesn’t know it correct? Well tell them the other likes each other and they will be really happy lesbian girls! Yay everyones happy set X up with some other chic he will be perfectly fine.

  2. Mandy

    this is just my opinion okay^^
    i think you should let X know that someone has MAJOR MAJOOR feeling for y..and he should put more effort(by trying to be a very close friend to x)

    for Z i think you should advice her to put more effort(improve their current relationship)
    only then she can confess.
    but in th same time you should always be with Y so perhaps(yeah maybe)she could share her feeling to you when the time starts to make her confuse(before then Y should know that you are pretty good when it comes to relationship advice)

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