What are some negative impacts for those who are involved in interracial relationships?

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Question by {Please call me}–>Celestine: What are some negative impacts for those who are involved in interracial relationships?
Like, what are some negative aspects one may have to face while in a interracial relationship? Would it almost make one want to end the relationship because of the societal impact?

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Answer by Mom of three A.R.T.
My cousin was in one and she said that the hardest thing was other race kept telling her that she was a “thief” – “you’re stealing OUR men”. She had a daughter -the guy left when she was pregnant, didn’t want to add to his already 4 kids. The little girl didn’t fit in with the whites and she didn’t fit in with her dad’s race. She had a lot of issues – a holy terror growing up, but now she is a very nice young lady.

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  1. THETRUTH313

    This is America where race is the number one problem by far. So there are always gonna be those individuals who don’t like to see an interracial couple. For the most part, it will come from the older generation though. I don’t feel as though it is much of an issue with younger folks. I live in New York where there is a huge melting pot of various nationalities. So it may not be a problem. But if u live in some parts of the south, it could be a BIGG issue.
    The big issue a couple will face is meeting the parents (If it gets to that point). As far as looks and stares on the streets, it’s all about how much hate u can tolerate. If u are like myself, I would care less who would hate on me if I was in an interracial situation. Most of the people hatin on u are those who are single and miserable. Misery loves company. But if u let it get to u, u will probably at some point end the relationship. Otherwise, do u

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