What in the world should i do about my relationship with my boyfriend?

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Question by Taylor Petty: What in the world should i do about my relationship with my boyfriend?
I have been dating this guy for 11 months. He cheated on me once that i know of and he cried and cried and said he would never do it again and he wven hates when i bring it up . We have a lot of pointless argumemts mostly from me over reacting. Lately we have been doing pretty good but he has texted a few girls within the past month and i really didnt like it but i let that go. He constantly talks about marrying me and having a family so i know he loves me but honestly i cant trust him and i question him a lot and he always geta very angry and offensive. I love him and im not ready to end this relationship. Help me with your bwst advice!!!

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Answer by Tiger Tiger Burning Bright
Well, relationships will only work on trust. If you don’t trust him, then it’s pointless. Either he’ll leave you because he feels like you’re suspicious of him, or you’ll eventually leave him because you don’t know if he’s been faithful. And don’t forget that he’s cheated once before. And then, also don’t forget that texting girls isn’t wrong as long as they’re just friends. If you don’t trust him, then it isn’t going to work.

Figure out what you want to do. I’m just giving you food for thought.

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  1. Sara

    I think your relationship is going fine and you both are really in a right path of life. Please ask him that why he is in contact or talk with other girls and say that you don’t like it. I think he will notice it and give it a weight-age. Live your life and enjoy to fullest. Some ups and down are common and expected in any relationship. Offer some gifts for him in his birthday or in a new year/christmas celebration, he will melt and never cross the boundaries. .

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