What is the most ridiculous piece of marriage/relationship advice you have ever heard?

November 26, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by Slightly Ravenous: What is the most ridiculous piece of marriage/relationship advice you have ever heard?
And who was it from?

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Answer by sheloves_dablues
The idea that you should stay in a crappy marriage “for the sake of the kids”.

Nobody ever suggested this to me, but I know plenty of people who have gotten this advice.

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  1. jimrich

    When you find THE ONE it all just happens perfectly from there!

  2. Marine Wife

    To “get over it” during a dispute. It was from my husband’s family member.

    In a marriage, it is very important to resolve an issue, not to just toss it aside and let it build up.If you let things build up rather than talk about it, the blow up is horrible. So, better to just talk it out instead of “get over it.”

  3. Spindrift

    No idea who it’s from, but many people feel having kids will save a troubled marriage so they have kids then end up more miserable than before and the kids are brought into this terrible atmosphere. I cannot imagine how or why anyone would think having kids would make a troubled marriage suddenly OK.

  4. UselessKnowledge

    “You don’t have to tell him EVERYTHING”. – my mother, talking about money

  5. :)

    The worse piece of advice that I heard while married (I’m now divorced) is: “never go to bed angry”. Sometimes you need to let time just pass so you can realize that you are both stupid for fighting and you can make up in the morning.

  6. Aurelia

    Never go to bed angry.

    Lots of people.

    So, like, what? You’re supposed to stay up and argue, getting crankier and meaner until one of you snaps? Better to just shut up, go to bed and hope things look better in the morning.

  7. Texas Girl

    That I wasn’t a good wife if I didn’t get up at 4 a.m. to make my husband breakfast. Complete with eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc.

    This came from my husband’s grandmother, who did this everyday for her late husband. I used to think she was absolutely crazy…but I’ve come to realize that she is from a different generation. They have wayyy different ideas about things then we do.

  8. Alyssa

    -never go to bed angry

    -share passwords and everything with your spouse

    sometimes I think it’s best to go to bed angry…some issues seem silly and less arguable in the morning and after a period of time away from your spouse.

    I think everyone is entitled to a little privacy in their lives. I don’t hide anything from my husband, but I don’t believe in sharing emails and passwords. I value personal space.

  9. Common sense isn't anymore..

    “Marry a rich older man while you are still young and beautiful, that way when he leaves you for someone else later, you will have a house and a college degree and alimony”
    ~My maternal grandmother.

    Suffice to say she is many times over divorced and thinks a woman’s only value is in being beautiful and good in bed. She is not quite right in the head, everyone just sort of shakes their head at her.

    Thankfully my great grandma and mom have sense and told me she was retarded. My great grandma’s response to that (it is her daughter) was “Marrying for money is a hard way to make a living. If you are going to whore yourself and pay your bills on your back, at least be honest about it and have your freedom.” I love my great grandma, she has no filter.

  10. Stac

    He’ll never cheat on you, he loves you too much!

  11. But Inside I'm Screaming

    “Lighten up and let him have his fun”…….said by my ex-MIL when I asked her advice about her son (my husband), when I found out he was snorting coke, smoking crack, and screwing welfare moms.

  12. Gotchalordv

    Do whatever you want, as long as you are benefitting yourself & your own happiness.

  13. Diamondbella

    keep my mouth shut that was from my husbands mom. Bad advise it was and is.

  14. islandgirl06

    Ah!! someone told me that caucasian man prepares a wife who always looks good when he comes home from work. And the second one was ” Caucasian man loves a woman who knows how to cook.” Unfortunately I don’t know how to cook and it wasn’t them who I married. This person was my dead mother in law..

  15. Hector Ajax

    I believe it was this- ” You will never have to worry about be cheating on you. I would never do that”

    These words of wisdom came from my ex- wife. The “ex” in front of wife should explain it perfectly.

  16. ღ ⚜ ツ

    Marry for the money.–My mother

    If you don’t look like this (fake boob job naked whore girl on a movie), and you don’t give him sex, he will cheat on you and leave you. –Stepdad

    The only girl I find attractive is you, all other girls are just ugly to me. –ex boyfriend

    As long as there is no emotional attachment, sex is not cheating. –My mother.

  17. ezza

    use and abuse – advice from an old gold digging girlfriend.

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