What is the relationship between Poetry & Self Confidence?

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Question by Geek Boy: What is the relationship between Poetry & Self Confidence?
What is the relationship between Poetry & Self Confidence?

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Answer by ez80227
absolutly nothig.
there are plenty of people hwo are confident and not poets and plenty of poets whoi are confident.
no relationship at all..

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  1. 5 ft 7 Texas Heaven

    Yeah I have to agree with answer 1, perhaps in what I so often see posted here as woe is me, self pity, help me, self deprecation, and lack of confidence or poetic skills, IE: “Is this any good?”

    I see no correlation at all.

  2. happy hippie

    I disagree with the others poetry lets you pour out all emotion and makes you feel like you acomplished something. Seeing your pain written on paper in a complex style

  3. Lizzy2U...‽™ ®

    I think a writer needs to feel confident in their knowledge of word meanings, being sure that the diction used is understandable.
    It is easy to write poetry for yourself, but to let others see and read it…takes self confidence .

  4. Cody Dombrowski

    The relationship between poetry is complex, and this is caused by divers reasons, such as the psychological and social factors thereof.
    When one writes, reads, or listens to poetry, they are learning. Their comprehension is growing because of the brain decoding information. A human brain recognizes words and phrases, but in an art, such as poetry, the patterns are challegened with a variation of structures.
    One who is learned, will have competent knowledge and understanding. They are confident in their own reasoning, and they rely on the information they have learned. Their memory is great, so they can pull bits of data that relate to new subjects and social topics. This allows them to take command socially, or become bored with other’s opinions and to withdraw socially.
    Consequently, these two circumstances both allow and breed more intellectual skills. That individual may learn by analyzing both critically and dynamically.
    When one withdraws socially, they are at ease to enjoy creativity without judgment and criticism from outside sources. They can pay attention to details and express themselves with private hobbies. Like drawing and writing music, one may express themselves intellectually and creatively, simply by listening to music. They can, in turn, be more relaxed.
    In the same instance, one may compete in social environments and learn through social development. In fact, when plugged into an artistic social event where most others around enjoy the same event, one may feel a boost of confidence just from the mutual support around them. Likewise, one who has to compete in work and lax environments with others, will have one of two results, either confidence or a lack of. This is cause of whether or not one were actually competent to compete and succeed socially.
    Basically, it breaks down to this: one who is confident to express themselves, will have hobbies and interests. If in fact, they are one who enjoys poetry, this is a way to express one’s-self socially and openly to others. I one is withdrawn, he or she may still express themselves using poetry, but their art is more likely to be hidden or separate from their social life.
    In the end, the link of poetry and self confidence is one of cause and effect. If one has an interest in poetry, then their expression thereof will be affected by psychological and sociological circumstances.

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