What is your opinion of this relationship advice?

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Question by Joe: What is your opinion of this relationship advice?
that once a woman reaches middle age and her body starts to “go”. it is time treat the situation like a vehicle and find a more sporty model

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Answer by Online Help
i call it SHALLOW

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  1. ♥The Mrs.♥

    Poor self reflection. Men “go” too.

  2. ♥Bitchbitch

    Middle aged men aren’t exactly great looking either. I guess if you want to have a string of shallow relationships and end up a lonely old man. Go for it.

  3. Human

    Sounds like something a teenager would say!

  4. ♥♥β€ск¥βяΰταℓ™♥♥

    Shallow, ridiculous, pathetic. Anyone who gives, takes or lives by this advice is a horrible, sexist waste of space.

    Why doesn’t this apply to men too ? When you get your beer bellies ‘love handles’ and the rest ?

    If my husband EVER said that to me, that would be it. It would be over and he would be out of my house faster than he could say ‘sports car’.

    Take this advice;; don’t take that advice. Otherwise I can assure you that you will never ever ever have a decent relationship in your entire life.

  5. billy

    no. very bad advice. someone who gives that kind of advice will never truly be happy

  6. Binst is happy

    Sounds like someone who derives more happiness from his car then from his relationship. I’d say this was a blessing in disguise for the partner involved.

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