where else can i go for relationship advice?

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Question by : where else can i go for relationship advice?
Are there any services on the internet i can go to for relationship advice?
i have this problem going on, and i’ve tried to ask about it on here but i feel the problem is too complex and long for anyone on this site to give me the time or advice i need. and its not something i can talk about friends/family with either so i was wondering if there were any free and trusted services on the internet for me where i can ask about my problem confidentially? thank you in advance

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Answer by Eileke
Just let him do your mom, if that’s what you’re talking about.

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  1. greenbaypackers1920


    I wish I could help you.. Because, I am very good Confidentially and I am good listener.. well Good reader since I am deaf… I wish I could give you advice.. I know it hard to find someone to trust and someone to talk to…

    My advice is free no cost to you.. just being a true friend and listening and see what I can do to help you.. It alot about trust right? I do know that feeling… You want to trust someone that no one will break that Confidentially.. I am person you might wnat to try.. If not I totally Understand… You can send me a message smiling… I can reply you back smiling…

    Your True Friend


  2. Georgio*

    Well you can ask me. I’ll listen or at least try to help. Who cares if it’s long, You have to have valid information before you help someone. Email me @ georgiomosley@yahoo.com. I can try to help :)

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