Which type of relationship appeals to you more?

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Question by Ally: Which type of relationship appeals to you more?
1. Love/Hate relationship. Hot and Cold. Intense passion, passionate, fireworks..but also a lot of fighting and intnese anger, both love and hate are felt strongly. Exciting Roller coaster ride but frustrating sometimes.

2.Very Calm and Peaceful relationship, rarely ever (in fact never even) fight. Understands each other even without speaking. Feel at ease and in peace with each other, but sometimes too boring and no sparks. Perfect understanding and communication.

Best answer:

Answer by r.bcod xanno
Both of those relationship choices have fundamental flaws and should not continue.

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  1. lala

    I’ve had a mixture of both.

    1 appeals more. Then again it’s a 2 sounds appealing because no drama.

  2. heroiη ℓovee.™

    I like the second one… But I like for my relationships to have LOTS of passion and love

  3. music=life!!!

    Well my current relationship is 2

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