who wants to give a girl relationship advice she really needs?

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Question by : who wants to give a girl relationship advice she really needs?
So what do you do when your boyfriend wants a break from you to think about whether or not he really loves you? I’m a pretty lonely person. I have like one friend and no boy besides him has ever even looked at me. I’m worried i’m going to lose him and then i’ll be all alone. what do i do?

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Answer by Ashley Yalçın
i think now you should look for someone new :D

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  1. strawberry

    Well, in my experience, what he is really saying is…

    there is someone else I want to try to date for awhile, if that doesn’t work out I would like to come back to you. I just came up with something to say so you will wait for me.

    I know it sucks, but if he is wondering if he loves you, its not worth it. Trust me, you’ll find someone who treats you good and deserves you.
    Good luck

  2. Lau

    If your boyfriend says he wants a break, that probably means he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. I don’t know you guys so I can’t be positive, but most of the time, that’s what it means. And there’s really nothing you can do. If he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, then he just doesn’t. There’s nothing you can do. But don’t worry- I’m sure you’ll find someone else. And it’s not hard to make friends. Just be yourself and get out there.

  3. Cecillia

    You can never put all of your trust in one person like that. Maybe for a person you’ve been with for a decade, for years, but that’s it.

    I’m not saying don’t trust people, I’m saying that you need to be a little more social, whether that means joining clubs, vlogging on Youtube, going to a youth group, whatever you can do to meet new people.

    As for this sort of thing. If he needs to think about if he loves you? Dunno if he does. That should be something one is sure about, can’t question it. You can’t stay with him just because you fear being alone. That’s not fair to you or him.

  4. Roberto del rio

    The next best thing,is to very sensual with him.do something that will make him run to you,and only want one female and thats you.Maybe you should kiss him,or where something sexy.Send nude pictures to his phone or massage his back when he comes home.

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