Why do you ask random strangers on the internet for advice on your relationship?

June 30, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Relationship Building

Question by ABC123: Why do you ask random strangers on the internet for advice on your relationship?
I used to do that and now i realize its just stupid. Like, imagine if your bf/gf found out that some stranger was directing their relationship? I would feel bad, i know that. Really, don’t use strangers advice who know nothing about the situation.

and for a question…ummm…who here likes pie?

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Answer by Je♥t’adore♥
good point..but if people are confused than they have to ask somebody? and yes i love pie! haha

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  1. Cecillia

    *shrug* If they don’t know you, it’s a good non-biased opinion source. Even though half of the time people post questions over and over because they want a certain answer…

    I like pie! Banana cream… mmm…

  2. Kate ♥♥ =]

    Idk, guys at my school I doubt would go on yahoo answers. Plus, my username isn’t my real name, it’s my middle. They couldn’t find out to many people in this world. :3

    I’ll have some pumpkin pie!

  3. randchap

    Of the questions I’ve ever asked, I’ve always known the answer to. But the things I’ve needed to do have been tough. Posting a question and having 20 strangers tell you the same thing tends to reassure you that your call is the right call I think. Or would maybe give me a bit of pause if I went otherwise.

    Uh pie…sure. LOL.

  4. alyssaleeeeeeee

    Yeah, I’ll agree to that and admit that I’ve done it and felt quite stupid. But I agree with all the answers here as well. Your friends sometimes won’t tell you if they want to be your friends that you’re being a **** or a ****** or a *********** and somehow, it’s easier to take from strangers on the internet. And yes, it’s completely objective and you don’t have your own feelings getting in the way. Plus, even if you know the answer to your question, you want to make sure that it’s not just you. You want reinforcement, validation, that sort of thing.

    But yes, it’s stupid because I would hate if my boyfriend ever knew about it, lol, and because there are always random troll answers or whatever… :)

    I second banana cream pie!

  5. sharon j

    Sometimes its good to hear what other people are thinking.Maybe you’re thinking the same thing,but you need encouragement to make a good choice.Yes I believe if the people in the world, would eat pie. We all could get along.

  6. Looneh

    I dont mind asking anyone as long as they give me a rite answer.and no one cares who u are.and yeah mmm…

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