Why should I believe a female’s advice when it comes to relationships?

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Question by Yousif (Joe) R: Why should I believe a female’s advice when it comes to relationships?
You guys are on the other team… its your job to make us lose… we, as men, have to outsmart you…

I mean… most of the stuff women say when it comes to relationship advice for men is bull-crap…

Public Service announcement for men: the things women tell you to do will make you look like a wuss.

-Lack of Love brings me logic…

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Answer by Kanga_tush2
Well, by all means only listen to the advice of men. Assuming of course the relationship you want is with a man.

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  1. Artu Ditu

    LOL. You like Naqabi aurat?

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  2. Mz.Lala

    Because we are the one you have to be in the realtionship with and knows best thats why plz re turn the favor
    http://answers.yahoo.com-AM I N LOVE IT been about a year since Sept?

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